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30-Pack: Top-Seller Stash

1 box. 10 Packs.

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Stock up (and save up to $15!) on our top-selling flavor trio in one, easy shipment. pro tip: 30 packs means enough Split for every day of the month - so you can have a delicious pick-me-up on-hand while you work, run errands, hit the gym, or grab the kids from practice.

What’s Inside:

  • (1) 10-Pack Box of Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly
  • (1) 10-Pack Box of Peanut Butter & Strawberry Spread
  • (1) 10-Pack Box of Almond Butter & Strawberry Spread

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a good fat + a simple carb

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Ten dollars for 5 nut butter and 5 spreads which is called a 10 pack. The total weight ounce of ONE of these "packs" is 1.34 ounces. It is a lot cheaper to buy your own nut butter and spreads and make your own packs. You can get all natural organic nut spread and the organic spread of your choice and create your own. Of course, Americans are all about the instant NOW gratification and reluctant to spend their precious time on being accountable for the waste that is produced with these "packs" or even wasting their precious cell phone time by taking a few minutes to do something for themselves. And, to top it off, the nut butter is pretty tasteless and the spread contains 12 grams of ADDED sugar in 1.34 ounces! That is a LOT of added SUGAR!

Karen H

Sooo good!

Seamus Feagan
First time

Tastes great. Good snack for on the go.

David Dawson
First time.

Has been a great addition to my on the bike snack and nutrition regiment. Easy to eat and a nice change from the bars and gels we typically use.

Great for many occasions

Got these more to fuel my bike rides, but I’ve mostly been taking them along in my work bag for a boost when I’m doing field work. Love that I can just stash them in my bag and it’s easy to get down - not to sticky etc. I usually just have the nut butter when I’m not training for a good sized snack (nice and light). I am also a big peanut butter fan but I am surprised how much I love the other nut butter flavors; definitely worth a try!

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