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Almond Butter + Raspberry Spread (10 packs)

1 box. 10 Packs.

Almond butter provides the power, while real raspberries bring a touch of tartness, along with an array of crucial vitamins.

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a good fat + a simple carb

what's inside Split

for those with an active lifestyle, it's important to fuel your body with real foods that are easily-digestible, nutrient-rich, and able to sustain your energy levels throughout the day.

  • good fats

    good fats

  • natural proteins

    natural proteins

  • vitamins + antioxidants

    vitamins + antioxidants

  • minimal ingredients

    minimal ingredients

what's not inside Split

Split is "lightly processed", meaning that while nuts are ground and jams are cooked, we keep the ingredients simple, essential, and minimally altered.

  • no preservatives

    no preservatives

  • no palm oil

    no palm oil

  • no GMOs

    no GMOs

  • no gluten

    no gluten

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

All flavors are great, but Raspberry is my favorite! Such a great snack to pack while hiking or a quick snack around the house.

eric Hellgren
Yummy Almond Butter + Raspberry Spread

Almond Butter + Raspberry Spread is tasty and will order it again along with strawberry. I like to recommend that the packets be a tad larger, to me its a tease at the current size as I eat 2 if I have some hunger or munchies.

Christie Rose

I want to thank my buddy Johhny Walsh for introducing me to Split. The Rasberry Almond is fantastic!!!! I was bonking on long rides and did not have the right nutrition combination. NO MORE BONKING!!!!

peter lizotte
Workout Energy Boost

Split packs are a super convenient energy package that really packs a punch!
They are now a welcome part of my routine!

Brandon Rafferty
Yummy. Delicious even!

I really enjoy this combo, however 2 things prevent me giving it a 5 star review. The first issue is the same with all split nutrition products; the packaging is too long making it difficult to consume while on-the-move bike riding when at least one hand should remain on the bars. I like diversity and albeit a great alternative nut butter, almond butter is used too often. My 5 star review would go to the Cashew butter & Sour Cherry combo !

also found in a store near you! also found in a store near you!

also found in a store near you!

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