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The buttermilk biscuit - A Southern classic that's captured the hearts and stomachs of Americans everywhere. Whether adorned with fried chicken and gravy, strawberries and whipped cream, or just a tab of warm butter, biscuits are a versatile base that are as simple to bake as they are delicious. Can you control yourself and eat less than 3? 

Here at Split, we appreciate simple food with real ingredients, but we also love the chance to run wild and get creative with unique flavor combinations! The biscuit serves as our neutral base and becomes a true Split Biscuit once we get fancy with the toppings - but we're always keeping it real… real ingredients that is.

We teamed up with Michael Voltaggio, one of America’s most well known chefs, winner of the sixth season of Top Chef, and very dear friend of Split to create the perfect biscuit. Below, he will guide you through the biscuit-making process, and then show you one simple, and one slightly-less-simple method for dressing them up, Split-style. This is baking, so we measure in grams to be specific - don't worry, the metric system doesn't bite! 

The Perfect Buttermilk Biscuit


700  grams Organic All Purpose White Flour

60 grams Organic Sugar

30 grams Sea salt, large flake (kosher)

20 grams Baking powder

10 grams Baking soda

1 lbs Butter, unsalted

800 grams Buttermilk


Cheese grater 

Large bowl 

Baking sheet 

Parchment paper 

Most importantly, a can-do attitude!


  1. Place butter in the freezer for 30 minutes 
  2. Place all dry ingredients into a large bowl 
  3. Mix together by hand - you'll get dirty, but it's part of the fun!
  4. Remove the butter from the freezer
  5. Working VERY QUICKLY, grate the butter into the flour mix
  6. Toss the butter and flour periodically 

Now for the secret stuff…

  1. Making sure the butter is totally covered in flour, take a handful of flour and butter and smash it together in your hands and pull your hands apart 



Continue to do this until the butter and flour are combined - 2 mins or so...

  1. Add the buttermilk 
  2. Using your hands, gently mix together. 
  3. Once it is just barely combined, place in the fridge
  4. Remove after 20 minutes of refrigerating, and preheat the oven to 450 F
  5. Place some flour on a table top workspace and place the dough on the table 
  6. Press flat with your hands, then fold in half, and press flat again.
  7. Repeat this step 4 times, while adding flour
  8. Roll the biscuit to 2 inches high 
  9. Cut into squares with a sharp knife 

Place on a baking sheet - into the fridge if you're not quite ready, or straight into the oven.



Bake on regular at 450 F for 10 min 

Then reduce the heat to 350 F for another 10 min 

The biscuits should be dark golden brown – remove and allow to cool a bit.

Sprucing Up Your Biscuit

  1. The Simple Approach

Once the biscuits are almost cool, poke a thumb-sized hole in the top and squeeze in a pack or of your favorite Split flavor

Then allow to cool some more, and enjoy your Split-Biscuit version of a jelly donut!

  1. The Not-So-Simple Approach

1 lb butter, salted 

4 Split packs (choose one flavor or mix it up if you're feeling bold!)

Cut up the butter into cubes 

Fit your mixer with a paddle attachment 

In a mixer, add the butter 

Rip the split packs in half, separating the nut butters from the fruit spreads.

Add the nut butter into the mixer

Mix until soft and thoroughly combined 

On a parchment paper, spread the butter to 1/4 in thick 

Drizzle the jelly all over the top 

Roll like a jelly roll and place in the fridge

Remove after 1 hour, cut tabs/slices from the log and place into warm biscuits :)



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