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in 2017, at a dimly-lit restaurant, on a small paper napkin, Split was born.

the idea was simple: to create a wholesome snack with real foods that you could take on-the-go.

one of the napkin-writers was Dr. Phil Goglia, a well-known elite performance nutritionist who had always recommended pairing good fats with simple carbs for maximum energy. alongside Phil sat Jeff Mahin; accomplished chef, restaurateur, and bicycle enthusiast (rather, obsession-ist). they both cared deeply about feeding people, but had our own ideas about "the right way" to do it. but just like peanut butter & jelly, sometimes two things that are great on their own can come together to be even better. 

we shared a desire to create real snacks with better ingredients that you could take anywhere. PB&J fit the bill, but we knew it needed a twist - how about honest ingredients and a clever, convenient package?

Split was born.

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care is at our core. it's the how, the why, and the what-makes-us-different.


we support and unite. the power of teamwork will always be recognized at Split, whether between a chef and a nutritionist, or the taste of peanut butter & jelly.


our simple, honest, and wholesome ingredients allow us to be confident in our product. we shoot for the stars, and we empower our community to do the same.

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