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A Little Background:

I was born in Northern California and found myself in kitchens at a very young age. I loved the balance of chaos, artistry, and structure. I went to UC Berkeley before dropping out to cook, living and working in NYC, England, Spain, Chicago, Mexico City, and more.
I got into cycling when I turned 30 to try and get back into shape, but I didn't realize how impactful it would be. I fell in love with cycling, and in turn, nutrition, health, and wellness. I now have 11 restaurants and in my newly active life, became inspired to create a smile-spreading snack with real foods.



Childhood favorite food:

I was born in Northern California and found myself in kitchens at a very young age. My dad was a professor and worked a lot, so we ordered out almost every night. At least 3 days a week, we would order from "Sun's Chinese". The hot and sour soup - I still dream about it. Since I left town, the restaurant has changed owners and changed up the recipes, but I would give anything to have that soup again. It brings back so many great moments, such loving memories.

Best day ever:

I try to fill my life with days and opportunities that inspire me, so it's hard to pinpoint a single perfect day. I would wake up with the sunrise, have a huge coffee paired with soft scrambled eggs (since it's the perfect day, we'll add truffles), a bowl of steel cut oatmeal and a banana - I LOVE bananas. Then I'd meet some friends for a long bike ride along the coast. It's hot, we're climbing, we're suffering, we're sweating - but that post-ride elation is so worthwhile. Then I'm instantly showered and changed, and on my way to some amazing sushi. And because it’s a perfect day, I'd finish it off with ice cream in a waffle cone. Pretty much sums me up: soft scrambled eggs, people I love, bikes, sushi, and ice cream. And if we could get a puppy in there somewhere, I would be more than ok with that.

When I'm Out of the Kitchen:

If I'm not cooking, I'm either cycling or working on food education and awareness. So whether that's working on Split Nutrition or helping out at No Kid Hungry, helping people access real foods is really my mission.

Best Characteristics:

Creative, curious, never afraid to take a risk (well, mostly never).

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