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Fast Facts

name : Jake Perkins
hometown : Truckee, CA
age : 26
favorite Split flavor : Peanut Butter and Grape
dream Split flavor : Macadamia butter and Blackberry
how do you Split? :
Preferably coasting at 20mph, no hands on the handlebars, Split straight to the face. Will also mix into overnight oats made with oats, almond milk, chia seeds, and a pinch of salt.


What do you do for work?

I help companies succeed - by defining what success looks like, creating a path to get there, and measuring success on the road to winning.

What do you do for fun?

I love to ride bicycles - the cycling community is phenomenal and has entrenched itself as a major cornerstone of my life.

Do your "worlds" ever cross over?

Yes, 100% - cycling can be quite senseless without clear goals, as can business. But when you step back and assess what winning looks like (keeping up with someone twice as fast or increasing sales X amount), you can begin to lay out the strategy that will get you there.

Why and how do you use Split in each of your "personalities"?

Split helps get me out of bed – literally. Before a 2 hour early morning training ride, I eat a Split while still under the covers - it gives me the kick required to get my motor going. And when I’m starting to lose focus at the end of the workday, I’ll grab a Split to help get me through that gray zone between lunch and dinner.

What is your biggest passion – what excites you and motivates you?

COMMUNITY. I love being a part of them and I love thinking about how we as humans thrive within so many different types of communities for so many different reasons.

How do you make your community better?

By being an active and dependable member of my community. In order for a community to flourish, those involved must engage and inspire others, and together, the community will grow bigger and stronger.

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