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fast facts

name : Ile Bailey
hometown : Santa Cruz, CA
age : 34
favorite Split flavor : Almond Butter and Raspberry
dream Split flavor : Cashew Butter and Guava
how do you Split? : Rice cake or straight out the pack!


What do you do for work?

Esthetician & makeup artist.


    What do you do for fun?

    Strength training and yoga


    Do your "worlds" ever cross over?

    My work is all about self care and helping others feel and look their best. While doing so, I'm reminded daily of how important my own personal self care is. Nutritious food, good sleep, and consistent exercise are three very important forms of my self care.


    Why and how do you use Split in each of your "personalities"?

    I work in a very relaxing environment where I’m creative and focused. At the gym I’m serious and go hard. Split helps me power through both!


    What is your biggest passion – what excites you and motivates you?

    Music. I incorporate it into every aspect of my life and use it to motivate me for basically everything


    How do you make your community better?

    I like to volunteer my time with youth. I love to inspire and encourage kids to be great because this kind of motivation had such a positive impact on me as a child.


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